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Deadline: September 15, 2011

The Photo Contest is now open for entries. Winners receive considerable exposure the world over, and become part of a global community of professional and nonprofessional photographers who share a twin passion for photography and microfinance.

You can enter up to 20 photos for a chance to win. Read on for further details on how to enter the Contest and for information about the prizes, and then click on the entry form link to the right to submit your photos.

Over the past few years we’ve asked you to use your imagination in capturing the diversity and dynamism of microfinance. As a result, stunning images have been shared with the microfinance community and others around the world. This year, we’re asking you to focus on how microfinance touches the world—the sights, the sounds, the tastes, and the textures. By sharing your images, you’ll reach countless others with the message of microfinance, and you will help us tell the story of this remarkable industry: its unique textures, vibrant new developments, and impact on the lives of poor people.

Is there a moment or a place where you’ve witnessed the impact of microfinance on poor people’s ability to manage their own lives? Has your lens captured people using finance in nontraditional ways or having financial services delivered to them in innovative ways? Have you seen microfinance respond to the global financial crisis, the food crisis, natural disasters, or local conditions? We’re looking for photos of microfinance touching the lives of poor clients, or more broadly impacting the world we live in.

A total of 30 finalists will be selected for the 2011 CGAP Microfinance Photography Contest. Judges will award first, second, and third place winners, as well as special mentions. Because photos tell a story, take a moment to capture your photo’s story in the explanation that you submit along with your photo entry—your explanation may also be considered by the judges.

The winning photos are published by CGAP and displayed online. They will be uploaded onto the CGAP Microfinance Photography Contest Flickr page, and included in a slideshow that will be shared with the industry for use at conferences. Winning images may be printed for exhibition in partnership with the World Bank and Citi. In addition to the opportunity to put their photos before the eyes of the world, winning photographers may receive the prizes listed below.

For further details on how to enter the competition, click here: Enter the 2011 CGAP Microfinance Photography Contest.