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Hi folks,

Thanks for the support and encouragement you have always given me. I have been posted to serve my country, Nigeria, for the next twelve months under the National Youth Service Corps programme (NYSC) in Benue State. As soon as I mentioned this on my FB Status, the first comment I got was a piece of advice to go with as much (packs of) condoms as possible. The adviser cited the high rate of HIV prevalence in that State as a reason…

Anyway, while I wouldn’t need all that, it’ll be quite interesting to take in a new environment. Several hypotheses have sprung up in my mind, but I’ll be back in three weeks’ time with my preliminary findings: whether one can link the fact that Benue State is ‘The Food Basket of the Nation’ to a high libido which then leads to rampant activities, or not. I can tell that will probably not be the case – something more complex.

I hear the people are very hospitable and that food is very cheap. 🙂 Also, there’s Bro. Gbile Akanni’s Peace House (Living Seed) Ministries in nearby Gboko for some respite… I am in a big hurry right now, so sorry for the hasty and rather short post. I have also decided to take a break from blogging for most of this month. You bet I certainly need some time off to get refreshed. I promise you much more interesting and engaging posts when I return. There is also the possibility of a regular diary based on my NYSC experiences in the Middle Belt region of Nigeria. Meanwhile, you can dig into the archives for very useful blog posts I have made since May 2010.

Wish me journey mercies and pray for ‘your boy’ as I leave Lagos tomorrow morning to begin a new phase. Stay cool and be safe.