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Deadline: Sunday 31 July 2011

NEW ALBANY, OhioBen Bosah Books is issuing a call for submissions for women artists from Nigeria for a book tentatively titled The Art of Nigerian Women being published this year. This call is for all women, living inside and outside Nigeria. The call is open to artists working all different mediums. Submissions in the areas of paintings, sculpture, photography, video art and mixed media and experimental art are welcome. The deadline for submission of entries to be considered for the book is July 31, 2011. The book is going to be released with a launch that will take place in November or December of 2011, and will be available immediately after the launch, locally and internationally, and wherever books are sold.

The entry forms can be downloaded from The Artists Corner section of Ben Bosah Books. Those interested in sending submissions should download and complete the form and follow the instructions clearly. The form is provided in two different formats for your convenience. Those using the form in portable document format should scan and attach the completed form to their application. The completed application and all the attachments using the format shown in the form should be emailed to NigerianWomenArtists@benbosahbooks.com.

In a space dominated by men, Publisher Ben Bosah felt that greater impetus should be given to the work of the many women who produce work that rival and in some cases surpass the work of their male counterparts. This book will address the disparity in exposure and hopefully bring opportunities to the women in a society that still treats the bulk of them as second class citizens, despite their achievements.

“Being a woman and an artistis a burdensome task. In mostcases, it is a thankless proposition like motherhood. This man gets it. This book will hopefully start the process of recognizing thevalue of women’s contribution to our national life and increase the value of their work. It is a thank you gift woefully overdue,” states Bosah

The Art of Nigerian Women was conceived to showcase the work being done by women in Nigeria, where the profession is predominantly practiced by men. In this decade of the women, Publisher Ben Bosah of Ben Bosah Books is determined level the playing field and give the talented women theirdue. The publication of this book will highlight the quality of the work available from these women who operate in a mostly chauvinistic society. Fifty percent of the net proceeds realized from this venture will be ploughed into women’s health education programs in Nigeria.

Ms. Chinwe Uwatse, the Managing Editor adds “In a time filled with theoretical re-examinations of traditional assumptions and social structures, we seek an indigenous understanding of our artistry within our cultural multiplicities. It is refreshing to connect with a person that is so clearly passionate about fully illustrating the authenticity of contemporary creativity of Nigerian women. After discussing with Ben Bosah, about his passion, as well as his delivery of 101 Nigerian Artists, I found myself co-opted into this project. I believe this book will be successfully published this year.”

Sponsorship opportunities are available for companies interested in joining the efforts of Ben Bosah Books. We are accepting sponsorships for the book publication and a touring exhibition works by featured artists. Interested companies should write to Partnerships – The Art of Nigerian Women.

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Photo Credit: Aicha Dapchi