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This is probably one of the shortest posts ever on this blog, but I’ll still go ahead. Last month, I made a commitment to make a post every Tuesday and Friday. I choose to stick to that today, even though I can’t type much. [I’m actually very tired right now :(]

I am currently in the middle of a major writing project (at least, for me, it is) and two weeks into the work, I’m yet to have much written down. Having read so many reports in the last fourteen days, I just seem to have so much going on in my head, but little courage to just put the ideas down. Maybe it’s because it’s been a while since I had to do something of this magnitude. Perhaps, I’m just mentally fatigued (for several reasons). All izz well.

Here’s a confession I came up with today: “I am strong and healthy. Sickness is not my portion. Writer’s block is hereby removed from my dictionary! I welcome an avalanche of great ideas and the clarity to put them down. I am successful.” Amen.

Aside from speaking those words with sincerity and deep conviction every day till I finish up the project in another fourteen days, I intend to get some good rest this weekend. My body and bones are crying out for time out. Psychologically, I think this is another case of my creativity going nuts, bothering on over-analysis.

Sometimes, it just helps to walk away for a while, then come back to JUST DO IT! So, hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to save my neck, and by Friday I’ll have something more cheering to share with you. Till then, stay blessed and don’t give up just yet. Your breakthrough might just be around the corner. -GN!

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