Clouds gather
The sky, in azure beauty, casts a frown
Thunders clap and guffaws gather
Heavens shed mighty tears of pristine aqua
Fleecy clouds wear black blazers of nightfall
The clear, serene heavenly bursts in tears!

In Gberigbe, outskirts of Lagos
Mothers cry out to their children;
Cubs who have traipsed far and wide
Saunters become helter-skelter
Miracle happens to the old rickety mason
Like lightning, his crutches give way;
Weary bones and worn-out tissues
They dash and hold sway

On Wall Street, the sun is high in the sky
Shoe knocks and crossing paths on asphalt
Sun shades, duffels and laptop bags
Workers and stalkers barge in and out

Grand architect of the universe
Kind and merciful;
Sunshine and rainfall
He bestows to the good and the brute

Gbenga Awomodu © June 2010

Photo credit: www.graphic-exchange.com