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Newspapers too can fool you!

Hi there, today is that day again – April Fool’s Day. It is that day when everyone, regardless of their age or class, is susceptible to the avalanche of false stories that fly around at alarming rates. It doesn’t really matter much whether you like to play pranks or not. You could be the next target; so, either you return the ‘favour’ or just laugh after you find out you’ve been punk’d!

So, have you been fooled today? Ashamedly, I must admit I have been destabilized today – just once though. There I was scrolling down checking my daily newsfeed from CP-Africa.com when I saw the headline “Buhari withdraws from Presidential race; backs Mallam Nuhu Ribadu”. I was like, “I can’t believe this! Really!?” I had opened the main page and already drawn the attention of one of my superiors to the news before I finally smelt a rat. I quickly scrolled to the bottom of the post to discover it was all good old foolery! Apparently, the CP-Africa guys had played their game well because, had they referred to President Goodluck Jonathan as the one who had stepped out of the presidential race, I would have caught them right from the headline. (They have now added an emphasis plus a cartoon at the top of the post)

I can now imagine how diverse these jokes can be. Maybe a wife would even remorsefully inform her husband, “I don’t love you any more” only to turn around and laugh out loud “April Fool!!!” 🙂 So, tell me your own April Fool’s Day ordeals. Have you been punk’d? How many people have you fooled today? Have you experienced any nasty or uncouth or utterly senseless attempts by other people to fool you by all means? Shoot!

In other news: The picture used in this post is from JO Photography blog. My good friend, Jide Odukoya, is exhibiting a series of photographs from across Nigeria in a two-month programme he has tagged: “60 Days Through My Lens“. There will be a photograph or group of photographs every single day from today Friday 1 April 2011 to Monday 30 May 2011. Show him some love and feed your eyes and imagination with moments from around Nigeria.

Also, if you don’t mind being fooled every day, you can follow Satire Network News (@SNN_headlines by @sir_scribbles) on twitter for a weekly dose of some of the most untrue tales in the world! Tune in every Friday for SNN’s weekly broadcasts. If it never happened, or is too hilarious to be true, you’ll hear it first on SNN. I discovered this source some months back and it’s been super hilarious. Go grab some fun folks! Happy April Fool’s Day! -GN!