Is the 'sermon' 'boring'?

Hi folks! Glad to be back this week with you. A few weeks ago, I explored some possible distractions that could surface in a church service. Remember I talked about dancing during praise session; how one often finds it needful to move according to the rhythm of one’s neighbours.

Last Sunday, I was in a dilemma. The beat was ‘highlife’ and thus warranted the movement style of two steps to the right and two steps to the left, and vice versa. I decided to adjust to the timing of the guy standing next to me, whilst still colliding with the neighbour on my right. However, the neighbour was hardly consistent in the movement, so we ended up colliding when we should not be.

Two Sundays before then, there I was standing next to the wall. The praise session was awesome and everyone was busy digging it for their God (I believe), when suddenly I had to look back. There behind me was a man standing, arms folded, with zero motion, like a pillar of salt. In fact, he reminded me of one of the watchman angels at the entrance of a church or the devils in those Mount Zion films of old. Yes, a child of God should not fear, but when you have such a figure looming behind you, perhaps you begin to have all the cause in the world to become worried. Not even when you remember the news of suicide bombers and terrorists blowing up places of worship… Anyways, I soon forgot about him.

Nevertheless, during the sermon, a girl sitting on the row just in front me shifted a few times on her seat and soon revealed her handiwork. She had been doodling – scribbling stuff and drawing a work of art in her name… and this was just about fifteen minutes into the service o! Thankfully, I was still able to take notes during the sermon. Afterall, I had learnt some lesson some weeks back when two girls sitting next to me had gyrated to the drumbeats during the praise session only to start exchanging notes and giggling when the sermon started. I had to develop thick ears and selective listening! Eventually, during announcements, just before the closing prayers, ‘Mr. Zero-motion’ stood up carrying what appeared like a violin pack (which still resembled a rifle pack, anyways) and left the auditorium.. What a Sunday! –GN!

What forms of distraction do you deal with in your place of worship or when you need to be doing some serious stuff? I’d like to hear from you. 🙂

Photo credit: niamhsharkey.blogspot.com