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Many a time
Too big we look,
But blinder the greater

Many a time
We do not realise
Nothing on its own is

‘Bits-of’ make ‘big-ons’
Not oceans but hand locked drops,
Organs only heart-merged cells,
Building of humble blocks,
Devoted lines of rain pour
A world of nations,
Nations of natives,
Natives in families

Dear and near
The red roses aglow,
Small and large alike
Treading tearing thorns

Tree breeds twigs,
Tree feeds twigs
Tree needs twigs to feed
Twigs need feed of tree
Tree and twigs are one.
Twigs hurt, tree hurts,
Tree happy, twig happy

Connect to conquer
No crushing competition
Love to liberty
For all, down to you.

(c) Michelle Chikezie, August 2010

Photo credit: www.prawjectrevolution.com