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Your eyes are beautiful
Resting on slim shapely ridges
Smoothing silkily over your brown skin,
Strands of dark curvy hairs on shiny roots
Sprouted in perfect straying harmony.
They are beautiful, your eyes.

They continually wear a crown
Or stretching salute from skin
The lashes like lovely little greenies
Sweet springing fertility,
Responding to restrict orders.
They are altogether beautiful.

On them, a pattern
Of tiny blood paths
Flaunting red blood of life
On the dewy glittery white eye
Beautiful I see them.

Then the crafty charming pupils
Brown and fair like a brown sun
The filaments, like the tenderness
Of a Dove, all point to the middle sum
Your eyes are wonder FULL

When you are sad
When you are happy
When you are tired
And worried
Your eyes, they tell me so.

Your eyes are windows to the world
And doors to your heart
Your eyes, your eyes
Your beautiful eyes.

(c) Michelle Chikezie, May 2010
Michelle Chikezie is currently a student at the Nigerian Law School, Abuja.