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L-R: Titus Igwe and Tobias Igwe

I met Afamefuna Titus Igwe at the Ford Foudation’s Youth Dialogue in Lagos last October where he had been nominated by the Fate Foundation to join the fifteen-member panel carefully selected across the country in discussing major issues concerning Nigeria and projecting for the next five decades. Over the course of the three-day programme, Titus showed us a bit of how passionate he was about Mobile Kitchen and making positive impact in Nigeria, especially among the unemployed youth. A few months down the line, the company is still blossoming and today we will explore the various experiences of this young man and Tobias, his twin brother with whom he started this laudable effort in an attempt at opening a new page in the food service delivery sector of the Nigerian economy.

Titus and Tobias Igwe are 24-year old twin brothers who jointly run Speedmeals Mobile Kitchen, a recent effort to revolutionize the delivery of food and food services in Nigeria. They were both undergraduates studying Business Administration at the University of Lagos (Distance Learning Institute) in 2009, when an unfortunate event occurred in their family. On Saturday October 24th 2009, they lost their father, in a car accident and suddenly became saddled with the responsibility of taking care of their mother and seven siblings. After engaging in a few menial jobs, it soon dawned on them there had to be a better way to approach life and achieve their dreams. Less than two years after that fateful day, they have set out on a journey to earn comfortable living by serving others and they are doing this quite well too. In this exclusive interview with BN Editorial Assistant, Gbenga Awomodu, they share their experiences, challenges and aspirations.

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