Hello friend,

I’m so glad we made it into the New Year! That means, we still got something meaningful to do here on earth!

So what are your resolutions for the new year? Well, before you ask for mine, I acknowledge that not everybody is into the ‘resolution’ thing-y but I’m sure there must be one or two things you definitely want to change about you in the New Year. More barriers to break and greater exploits to accomplish.

I am grateful for the impact I’ve been able to make by just updating this blog with my thoughts and opinions as well as getting other brilliant minds to share useful stuff with my readers. Thank you all for stopping by and for even subscribing to this blog so you get an e-mail notification as soon as there is a new blog post. Blogging takes a lot of commitment and it is quite encouraging to know that people stop by despite their generally busy schedules to read up. Sometimes I wonder how much (new) information is available every new day and whether people are actually reading. But you know, I get comments on and off this space that help confirm that people still read and that’s very useful fuel to keep me going! (In fact, I am also a proof too because I know the amount of information I feed on from the internet at every opportunity.)

Perhaps, I could have made a post on a spectacular day like yesterday (1-1-11), but I just felt restrained and remained indoors throughout the day. (Same thing with sending just about three New Year text messages yesterday too. I hope to send the rest sometime in the new week when the frenzy associated with this season times out and people can begin to actually, truly, reflect on text messages sent to them.) I did not even step out of the house! Even after the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) withheld power they had restored just past 12AM, after four days of total black-out, in the afternoon, I did not bother to go hunt for power like I would normally do. I just coiled up to read a book…

As we all crossed into the new year yesterday, I was as usual in a church and was praying too, but I noticed that I was grieved in my spirit! The night before, some people had masterminded a bomb blast in the city of Abuja and scores of lives had been lost. If I had made a post yesterday, I know I would have ranted and been so bitter about it because I remember that returning home in the early hours of yesterday, I felt anger well up within me concerning the new year eve blast. I thought about the other recent blasts in Jos and Bayelsa and became more concerned about Nigeria’s future. How gradually some people seem to be turning our dear country into the next ‘Pakistan’ as predicted in one of the leaked documents on Nigeria by Wikileaks…

I was moved almost to tears at the dot of 12 and that was a bit unusual. 2010 had been a rather transformational year for me. I had gone through a lot of challenges and some really got to me, but thank God I turned out better and God gave me the wisdom to turn most of the setbacks into come-backs. Like you may have observed on this page, I have resolved to read a lot more in 2011. Yes, I’m going to read loads of books and do a lot of writing! I also know I’ll be taking up more responsibilities in helping to effect the change we deserve in Nigeria. In my own little ways, I have chosen to be positive about Nigeria and will seek ways to contribute positively.

As I recover from my ‘grieve’ and go grab some strength from ‘the secret place’ to face the new year with vigour, I want to implore you my reader, to take up more responsibilities for the good of humanity this year! We need to pump in some love into the system around us and become truly selfless. The change starts with you and me. Let’s go on and take more responsibilities in the New Year!

Photo credit: www.hairlista.com