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Dear Blogville Folks,

I want to appreciate you all for your continued readership, comments and the increasing volume of subscriptions to this blog. These are pointers that some positive impact is being made through the various posts on this eclectic blog. This is an online repository for (most of) my works and I sometimes share wonderful findings, opportunities (contests and calls for submission) and interesting musings from friends and other people who find this blog an appropriate platform to share their views. When my articles get published on other websites that publish original content only, I make sure to put the introduction here on my blog and provide a link to the rest of the post, in line with copyright and ethics of publishing.

Though I had been quite conservative since I started this blog in May 2010, in recent weeks I have taken courageous steps to make this blog known to more people and I would appreciate if you, my numerous readers, would Share the Link to posts you find very useful on this blog with your friends and maybe even Subscribe so you could get an e-mail alert as soon as a new post is made. I realize that many of my posts, especially those made between June and August are ‘deep’ stuff that most people can relate to. I cannot guarantee the frequency of posts, but I’d make sure I hardly make more than a post a day so you can have time to read other blogs and even catch up when you do not visit for some days.

In the coming days, I will be sharing a number of Guest Posts that I believe you would find very useful and interesting. You can send me an e-mail if you have suggestions and comments you’d like to share with me about this blog. I’d really appreciate your candid feedback. This week, on Wednesday I am due to post the first part of my Port Harcourt Diaries as I mentioned in a recent post. I will also introduce posts from two Guest Authors this week, starting from tomorrow. I also hope to visit more blogs out there and make comments on some of the posts. By the way, I am currently preparing my Blog Round-Up for 2010. In that particular post which will come on later in the month, I will do a concise review of most of the blogs I have visited this year, including all the blogs I follow. I have benefitted a lot from reading other people’s blogs this year and I can’t wait to recap and give my candid assessment and opinion on most of these blogs.

As the new week starts, I wish you a very productive work-week and a beautiful weekend ahead!


The Lagos Boy