For Michelle (Happy Birthday)

Yellow pawpaw,
Plum and in full plume
May your beauty never wane
Sweet angel, Angel Michey
Sweeter than the sweetest bagel

Our Esther, shining star
Oriental ruby, radiant as ever
May your rising sun never go down,
And your light never cease to glitter
Garments ever cleaner

May your brilliance never thaw
Joy of a family, hope of a nation
Desire of men, promise of a future
A future more glorious
Splendid till the perfect day

Your crest shall never fall
Blessing to the world
Crispy as corn flakes
Slender and delicate,
Yet resolved as steel
Born on the last day
End of an era
Dawn of a new day
Delight of the seraphs

If I were God,
To you I would give a pod
Filled with sweets and good tidings,
Long life and prosperity without strife
But, I am not God,
He’ll give you more

©Gbenga Awomodu, May 2010


P.S: I wrote this poem to celebrate a dear friend earlier in the year. I thought to share it here because it reminds me of the impact we can make in other people’s lives when we step out of our own world to appreciate them. Looking back, I believe this is one of my most memorable pieces of writing this year. As the year winds down, I would like to encourage you to continually lead a selfless life and endeavour to appreciate the people God has placed around you and in your life. It is so easy to overlook/underplay the importance of familiar friends! Stop thinking too much about just you and you alone. Share God’s love this season with your loved ones and the most random of people. Cheers!!!