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Tolu Sangosanya

My trip to the Dustbin Estate on Sunday 7 November 2010 was one I took with caution. I had heard so much and seen a bit on the TV screen earlier in the year, but I was not totally prepared for the repugnance that came on me on arrival at the Estate. At exactly 1PM, I was at the International Church of Christ gathering which held at Glover Hall on Lagos Island to meet up with my interviewee. She commended my on-time arrival and greeted me with a warm smile. About fifteen minutes after she had ushered me in, the church service came to an end. After the regular banter and some minutes of waiting, Tolu changed from her beautiful shoes into her flat slippers. It was time to head to her ‘workshop’ at the Dustbin Estate. Ninety minutes and two cranky bus rides later, we were in AJ city under the hot afternoon sun. There I got to “meet” Tolu Sangosanya and experience life in the Dustbin Estate that she is so passionate about rejuvenating.

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