Hi friends,

I’ve only made a post this week, but would have loved to have several posts up already this week. Been a little out of touch. After several hours on the road yesterday and going through seven different states, I finally found myself approximately 40 degrees South East of Lagos. Not that I lost my way though. I’m in the Oil & Gas capital of Nigeria for the first time in my life!

The internet is one of the very first set of things I’ve missed; not even food can top the list! ๐Ÿ™‚ I finally found a somewhat reliable cybercafe after over two hours of serious search today, but the news is, the next two days will be hectic! I’m here till the end of the week for a conference, then after that, I must get that modem!!! Really, your modem is your best bet if you are an internet ‘fan-addict‘ (or is it fanatic?) like me. Browsing is somewhat cheap at this cafe and I find it funny the way the attendant collects her 100 box immediately you start to browse; like some of those Nigerian policemen at the many checkpoints along our express roads in Nigeria and many junctions in Lagos. In fact, immediately I exhausted my first hour, she was right beside me with palm open, arm outstretched and fingers tapped.

I must now hurry up for the traffic jam and craze I left in Lagos has caught up with me like nemesis! And you know what? Bikes are not allowed here!!! I entered this city on a holiday when most of the roads were free, but Aba Road, Port Harcourt now reminds me of the regular, heat-inducing hold-ups just before Ikeja, on Victoria Island and many other suburbs in Lagos.

Anyways, while I am away, I think you’ll find many of the old posts very useful and interesting. I get to read them myself sometimes and really believe there’s been so much inspiration in the past. Hopefully, I’ll get two more posts up before the week runs out.


Your Lagos Boy.

Photo credit: johnnygreig.photoshelter.com