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By Gbenga Awomodu

He is a writer, but it doesn’t stop there! He is also a social entrepreneur, social strategist and a motivational coach. He has been involved, at different levels and with diverse kinds of organizations, in coaching individuals to discover how they can be confident enough to be of great economic relevance across the nation. He believes greatly in the future that we can create on our own in order to further assist the government of the day and that a country’s economic and social state is a mere reflection of the confidence and esteem of the majority of its population. In this interview, Temitayo Ilori, a.k.a. Tylor, the author of the ground-breaking Doom’s Wing: The Legend of Tellam, a fantasy novel that has been arguably compared to the works of J.K. Rowling, speaks with BN Editorial Assistant, Gbenga Awomodu on his writing career, his debut novel, the publishing industry, his hopes for Nigeria and plans for the future.

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