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Through the gates we sent relief
Help across the borders we rendered
No strings attached; no strings!
The land we neither entered nor traverse
We hear of the good tidings

They say the land is filled with milk and honey
They say there are many children there
They say it is so sweet on the other side of the gate
Yet, we, labourers and all, do work
And neglect the thought to visit the city
The city we so much care about
Because we thought there were no strings!

Alas, where we thought there were no strings
Intruders had discovered
Our strings they found, and used
60 miles of strings, in fact, it was
The intruders climbed the mountain and crossed the gate
We now hear, that the intruders are now kings
In the land we cared so much for
But never cared to enter and visit
All because we wanted no strings attached
Now, what do we do?

Perhaps, we’ll find another land in need of help
A new desert to irrigate and plant with trees
Where we will walk on the streets
This time with strings attached!
And declare our intentions,
“We wanna be your king!”

(c) Gbenga Awomodu, October 2010