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Like Pastor Wale Adenuga of the Fountain of Praise Music, Lagos, sang in one of their medleys, if I had a thousand tongues, there’ll still be praise in me for God. This is because the Almighty has done more than a thousand things.

Today, I thank Him for health and life. This time last week as I struggled to make my blog posts, I shivered at some point or the other. I had suddenly developed cold and feverish feeling over the Sunday night before. And guess what, my mum felt sickly too, but she soon dusted it off before midday. The good thing about doing a job you really, really love, is that even when your health puts you to test, your boss may be the one to eventually send you home to take care of yourself! Maybe. If someone called me an Internet addict, I’d take that as a compliment! 🙂 So, my boss had to plead that I go home on Tuesday ahead of official closing time. That night saw me negotiating with the nurse. I tried to avert a ‘wicked’ sentencing to the syringe’s sting, but she still won the case. It had been well over five years I last got injections in the behind; I had always preferred to swallow the bitter pills rather than endure the ‘dreaded’ jab. I just couldn’t stand it! You may say, “See this agbaya who is afraid of injection o!” Well, I don’t think it’s a thing about being a man or not. I’m sure many adults like me too don’t just like to hear the sound of that word ‘injection’.

Anyways, the nurse said, “it is good for your health o… or do you want to come back here two weeks’ time? The injection will not hurt you, you are just afraid of the injection…” That word over and over again! Those words made me look like a little boy being cajoled to allow the syringes prevail. I could only make her concede to three jabs, one a day, for three days, instead of two a day, for three days. Plus, I still had to shove several bitter pills down my throat. You bet Wednesday was a sleeping marathon for me! But you don’t keep me in one place for too long! I have a very restless mind that keeps me wide awake many nights. Sometimes when I am pondering over things, the pendulum motion in my mind is subconsciously transmitted into the tapping of foot against the floor, or many times I just start pacing to-and-fro the corridor, office, classroom or wherever I find myself (in a regular pattern). On Thursday, I was back at the office! And then Friday!!! Then yesterday, it was an interview for a story coming up soon on BN.

I still feel somewhat dizzy sometimes now, but I’m learning to take things slow and take time to rest and replenish lost/used-up nutrients/energy. As the new week breaks, I hope to take it slow and not run my body system amok anytime soon! So help me GOD. If you are fellow culprit, please take it slow! There are many crazy deadlines out there, but you can still strategically meet them; perhaps you could prioritize, re-schedule, delegate; whatever it takes to keep you sane! Take it slow. So help you God. Wishing you a productive week ahead!

By the way: Do you fear syringes/receiving injections too?