Hello friends!

Perhaps you’ve been wondering “where has this Egbe guy disappeared to?” I am still around! 🙂 Hopefully by the weekend I’ll make a proper post. I’ve been through several experiences (good and not-so-good) in the last two weeks and (wow!) I need like several blog posts to gist you o! Last week, my darling laptop fell in a mild accident (ouch!) and that has slowed me down a  bit 😦 and this week’s been about final year project defence and presentation, bla bla bla… I attended the Ford Foundation Youth Dialogue penultimate weekend and met 13 other progressive young minds as well as some fantastic facilitators, and there’s a whole lot to write about that too. Kindly bear with me as I properly adjust and fully recover. Enjoy the rest of this week! 🙂

Yours truly,

The Lagos Boy