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In the past, when Creative Nonfiction was seeking blog posts to reprint, people were kind enough to nominate their favorite(s). For that, CNF editors are very grateful and hope you’ll help direct them (again) to your favorite blog posts from 2010 (or, you know, if you wanted to post this info on your Twitter/Blog/Facebook page, they’d like that a whole lot, too).

The details: CNF is seeking narrative blog posts to reprint in their upcoming issue (Winter 2010).

They’re looking for: Vibrant new voices with interesting, true stories to tell. Narrative, narrative, narrative. Posts that can stand alone, 2000 words max, from 2010. Something from your own blog, from a friend’s blog, from a stranger’s blog.

The small print: CNF will contact individual bloggers before publication and pay a flat fee for one-time reprint rights. Deadline for nominations: Monday, September 27, 11:59 PM.

For more details and to nominate a blog post go here: http://www.creativenonfiction.org/blog_nomination.html.