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Choose any of the five segments inside THE IDEAS FOR A FREE SOCIETY CD, and using a text or more write a 1500-2000 word essay, on any of the following:

•    A free market economy: the missing link in Africa’s development (Discuss)
•    Globalization: the key to development
•    A government big enough to give you all you want can take it all away (Discuss)
•    Entrepreneurship: The key to self-actualization
•    Capitalism is a moral philosophy: Discuss
This essay is open to African students and professionals between the ages of 18-35. Submission deadline: 15th November, 2010. Winners are to be announced on 15th December 2010. EVERYONE HAS AN EQUAL CHANCE OF WINNING, IRRESPECTIVE OF THE TOPIC CHOSEN.

Send your entries to: Adedayo Thomas, Nigeria –AfricanLibertity.org at adedayo.thomas@gmail.com, Franklin Cudjoe, Imani Ghana at franklin.cudjoe@gmail.com, Murray Sanderson, Zambia–Institute for Public Policy Analysis at murray.sanderson@gmail.com, or Mike Rotich, Nairobi (Kenya) at mrotich@gmail.com.
This essay contest is an initiative of AfricanLiberty.org powered by International Policy Network and supported by: ATLAS ECONOMIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION AND IMANI.

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