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Like the ripe and ruddy mango

The Mango is Ripe!

So is my fair and flushed friend

Yesterday, so innocent and unbothered

Today, very much in demand and pestered

The young men have woken up and set their gaze on her

Like hungry, lazy men who seek to reap where they have not sown

Where have the sweet old days gone?

Remember earnestly expecting the next call?

Looking forward to the next visit was such a delight!

Oh, the thought of the butterflies – their frenzied flutter in flight

It is so easy for man to get carried away by the toils in hope for that loved one

That he forgets to declare his intentions before dusk, after which the night falls

The mango is ripe! Harvest is right here!

The farmer must make haste – the mango must not waste

I return from my treasure hunt across seven lands and seven seas

I bring home the priceless gift to win the heart of the one to whom my heart cleaves

Alas! She is betrothed to another man – she had waited for her true love to return and speak

The mango is ripe. But I just discovered!

Gbenga Awomodu (c) December 2009